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Clint Walker
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Some furry madman in some small Iowa town who does various non-productive things.
I'm putting a lot more focus on getting Strikepaw Studios off the ground, doing more cinematography work and getting back in to podcasting. I've also got a move coming up this summer, and an idea for a film I'm wanting to do fairly soon when I get settled. More information on the website:
  • Reading: Windfall by Tempe O'Kun
  • Drinking: Guinness


The Warcat Approaches
A drawing of my alter-ego Breeg. Recently, I've been expanding on the Warcat species and Breeg's backstory.

Speed sketch video:
Concept Sketch: Aegis Jaguar
Video here ->

A Star Citizen inspired ship concept I came up with which I shared on spectrum…

A little back story:

Way back in my late teens, I started writing a scifi novel that I later abandoned because I kept writing myself into a corner and ended up abandoning it. A major part of the story revolved around a stealth hypersonic VTOL built with a mix of human and alien tech. It was armed to the teeth with laser weapons and a massive gatling gun, all of which retracted. It could carry A/A missiles, drones, cargo, or 2 MOAB bombs in it's internal bays. It had adaptable thermal and optical camouflage, variable geometry wings, and a radar that could pick up targets over the horizon. In addition, it had a maximum crew 8, and it could even be fitted with a wench for SAR. Basically, it's a flying Batmobile. 

Adapted for Star Citizen

The overall design is a lifting body (like a B-2 Spirit) that's been stretched slightly. It's smaller than a Retaliator, and should fit in the landing bay of a Polaris without any problem. The main crew compartment has four stations including the pilot, four bunks, 2 jump seats, and it functions as an escape pod. Behind the cockpit door on the roof, there's a standard docking collar, as well as a winch mounted directly above a trap door used for raise and lower personnel or cargo. There's also a ladder to get in and out of the ship when landed. The section behind this depends on the variant and installed modules. It would have possibly two module slots for the following modules:

Large Cargo (2 slots)- will hold a Dragonfly

Missile (1 slot)- x6 size 3 missiles,

Passenger/cargo (1 Slot)

Sensor/drone (1 slot)- carries 2-4 drones which can be launched and recovered in-flight.

Large torpedo (2 slot)- Has roughly the same capacity as a single torpedo bay on the Retaliator

There's also a small cargo area in the back of the ship with a loading ramp.

The loadout consists of a retractable size 4 gatling turret under the nose, retractable size 4 laser cannons and 4 size 3 missile hardpoints (non-retractable) on the wings, and an automated dorsal turret with two size 3 laser repeaters. *~Two additional hardpoints for guns up to size 5 weapons can also be mounted beneath the canards on either side.

(*not shown in sketch)

(~military version only)

The Jaguar is fast and very maneuverable for a ship of it's size thanks to some oversized thrusters and a reactive control system based on reverse engineered Xi'an hardware supplied by -DATABASE READ ERROR-. 


News of the fall of Armitage didn't sit well with some of the designers at Aegis. They decided there was a need for a SAR capable ship that could sneak behind the Vanduul line (or punch through if necessary) completely undetected to deliver much needed aid to civilians and any resistance groups fighting the Vanduul should such events ever happen again. Aegis executives, however, weren't on board with the plan, stating that it wasn't in the interest of the company. Despite this, a number of employees secretly went rogue and continued with the project, drawing materials and funding from underground sources. Eventually the company found out near the prototype's completion. Needless to say, they weren't happy about it. The decided to pick up the project anyway since they didn't officially spend any money on R&D, though exact reasons remain classified. 

The Jag is a favorite of the UEE special forces, as well as many militia groups. It's also coveted among explorers and researchers, as it fills the gap between smaller ships like the Freelancer and the larger Carrack thanks to it's ability to carry drones without a major sacrifice of cargo capacity. ) 

Chegy Face
An approximation of my face when someone dangles wine in in front of it.


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